Brancaster Harbour. North Norfolk. 12 June 2022

Gloop. #183

 Jangling rigging blowing in the wind. Halyard harmonics; cutting through the ever present Black-headed Gull cacophony of hysterical noise.

 Beyond mud splattered children and hard baked dogs; winding channels start to fill and keels start to lift, dancing in unison as silted water returns.

 In and out of gasping reedbeds; Swallow arc and flitter; encompassing both the past and the present, as the clear skies shimmer with balletic hunter and prey.

 Far into snaking cuts a lone Greenshank probes the fast filling gullies. Alone and aloof; always quick to flight beyond danger, as its call mirrors the vastness beyond...

RSPB Frampton Marsh. Lincolnshire. 7 June 2022

Haze. #182

 'Devil bird' Swift power though in their evening masses. Screaming down on shimmering insects, newly hatched from mirrored water. An airborne life lived in all but an instant.

 Barn Owl silently quarter hush still grasses. Dropping on opportunity and carrying away necessity; a brood to feed but the runt to suffer. Staggered breeding strategy benefiting the first.

 Majestic food pass between bonded Marsh Harrier pair. Mid-air inverted catch as the prize is flown to deep within curtained reeds. A secret location to keep for young life to thrive.

 Amidst grazing cattle on rush lined pasture; a lone water vole navigates a sunken channel. Innocuous and unnoticed, it leaves nothing but its wake through slime matted meniscus...

The Lizard Peninsula. Cornwall. 20 May 2022

Ardhow. #181

 Clearing rain: chased from the landscape by cavorting Chough. Breathless tumbling through endless time and space; a dive into mainstream consciousness and care, a living embodiment of the collective will.

 Juvenile Common Gull 'mueing' on the wing. Smaller, more 'delicate' than its ubiquitous Herring Gull cousin. Free to roam until age and hormones dictate its place; a fast approaching time, but still a year away.

 Raven pair mob a passing Buzzard. Formidable opponents against laboured, lethargic flight. A price to pay for encroaching into princely territory: an innate response to the challenged crown. Brooding masters of both sea stack and cliff...

The Lizard Peninsula. Cornwall. 12 May 2022

Snags. #180

 Recovering the failed lost. Hidden in gullies and grasping ledges, smothered by drying bladderwrack and enveloping slime. Time and tide spitting back both the unpalatable and disputed with equally mocking distain.

 Tarnished baubles of hype and optimism; rarely fit for purpose outside of dreams and circumstance. Cast in the mind and drawn into disaster by ever grasping reality. No quarter given to such laughable intrusion and flailing weakness.

 A different world uncovered; one of reek and limpness, far removed from the wailing temptress and endless crashing surf. Ticking inaccessible lifeline to those that climb in and out of normality; a chance to test and be tested, a longing chance to live and breathe...

Pencaer Peninsula. Pembrokeshire. 28 April 2022

Isod. #179

 Igneous basalt, jutting out into violent water. Peppered; wind weathered barnacles, contrasting light amongst threatening mass. Life, ever slowly suffering in the intertidal zone.

 Arriving Swallow arc in their hundreds. Chasing insects pressured high on crushing updrafts, a jinking flight driven by pure opportunity. Ariel shimmering above both headland and beast cropped pasture.

 Below the tempest; deep in kelp beds, a flank of green and gold fights the mimic until victory. Saved from a heavy alien world, the voracious predator silently returns to its sunken depths...

Stumble Head. Pembrokeshire. 11 April 2022

Nigh. #178

 Mackerel; not in the water, but in the sky. Ever promising fine weather just over the mythical horizon. Always so near but forever so far.

 Bobbing through crushing breakers, a mocking Grey Seal holding up its grizzled prize. Others for the taking, if only this pale deception can mimic true life.

 Diagnostic flip-diving Shag. Jet black sleekness morphing into iridescent green; as glistening wet feathers play with the ever dancing light.

 Lone Peregrine Falcon powering through into hapless Feral Pigeons. Fleeing contours into disaster. No compassion shown; no quarter given, just single minded, murderous intent...

Westhay Moor NNR. Somerset. 31 March 2022

Switch. #177

 Great Crested Grebe: preening punk rocker bird; ridiculous mirror image courtship pair of open water displays. Seasonal abandoned decorum as ardour defeats caution.

  Secretive outburst of deafening intensity. Each burst delivered from dense cover withIn territorial bounds. Once a rarity, now a fixture. Ever skulking Cetti's Warbler.

 In and out of drowned woodland scrub; a lone female Sparrowhawk pursues hapless passerines. Mixed flock mayhem ensues; as unity is broken and as ever, self-preservation wins out...

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