The Lizard Peninsula. Cornwall. 26 August 2021

Silver. #160

 Flicking the pearl white stickbait in turbulent water. Retrieved with steady turns between exposed rock and whirling eddies, anticipation mounting with each revolution.

 Near total darkness as cloud covers the rising moon; surface erupting as the the assassin waits, and strikes, and commits to become prey, not predator.

 Head shaking and violent run, quickly reduced to stubborn resistance. Beached by rolling wave to clear weed and boulder; glistening and silver flanked, gravity pressed.

 Revived in languid pool and held in supportive cradle; strength returning, muscular tail propelling into the darkened depths. Elation and triumph subside: all too soon to becomes a far distant memory...

Abergwesyn Pass. Powys. 16 August 2021

Grip. #159

 A stretching track far from normality. Slowly wandered through time and space; beset by trials and tribulations, but still far to go.

 High challenged Buzzard, mobbed by Raven and Crow. Annoyance marked by retaliation as tumbling flight returns to steadfast equilibrium.

 Crashing through bracken on a leeward hillside slope; a startled fox bolts from cover, terrified by scent and knowing. An imprint on despair, another race to be run.

 Tumbling brook cascading through gorge and scrubland.  Dependent finger-size brown trout scatter in shallow pools, reacting to the charged malevolence of oppressive brooding uplands... 

Strumble Head. Pembrokeshire. 03 August 2021

Twilight. #158

 Cyclops eye piercing the horizon, illuminating the mirror calm water below. Bobbing grey seal heads; bellowing in the stillness, leaving a sense of inevitable dread.

 Speeding high beyond fast setting light; a Peregrine powers through to places unknown. 'Straight as an arrow' flight, covers the vast fading expanse in mere seconds.

 Processional Gannets stretch over the horizon. Mixed groups of both adult and juvenile chase the dying embers, before eventually being lost to encroaching darkness.

 Pollock emerge from gin-clear depths; summoned by trigger and Instinct. Chasing the enticing, dancing 'prey', into an alien world beyond comprehension and reason. The balance of life and death...

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