Botallack. West Penwith. Cornwall. 22 June 2021

Tread. #154

 Narrow lanes brightly blinking with wild-flower encrusted jewels. Attraction clinging onto ancient walls, alive with marmalade hoverfly and vibrating buff-tailed 'bombas'. The alluring carpet sings its insect song.

 Acrobatic Swallow skim through overhead; attacking swarms of prey that shimmer in their short aerial awakening. A scene repeated in stifled closed air, time and time again until the hatch is no more.

 Down through dusty cobbles and dry rough pasture. Crusted cow pats are expectantly turned by animated Chough. The gorging on leatherjacket continues until comic calls and lifting flurries bless the slow cooling air.

 High above on silent smoke-stacks; long abandoned by men of toil, Raven 'kronk' in shouted defiance. Whilst chattering classes pass by oblivious; until the evening draws and peace returns...

RSPB Greylake. Somerset Levels. 13 June 2021

Mirror. #153

 In the oppressive late evening heat, a male Kestrel perches on a boundary fence post. Jumping into stick dry long grass and back again with wriggling insect prey. A scene repeated a dozen times.

 The explosive song of Cetti's Warbler; sang deep from impenetrable scrub, the sound betrays its presence.  A nondescript bird moving between its territory, rarely seen but always heard.

 A lone Reed Bunting moves between clumps of wafting phragmites. Striking black head and cryptic body gives male form to the simple 'srip-srip-srip-srip' sound. Noisily disappearing into the bulbous base and out from view.

 Ritualistic four-spotted chaser locked in bizarre circular coupling. Late released females break surface meniscus with abdominal tips; to deposit generational eggs on sub-surface weed...

RSPB Frampton Marsh. Lincolnshire. 03 June 2021

Hub. #152

 Turning flock of Knot arrive in many hundreds; moving as one, before spilling from warm air to the drying salt-marsh far below.

 Skulking in freshwater reed; occasionally appearing to admiring watchers, Black-necked Grebe dazzles with its radiant splendor.

 Sentinel voice of calling Redshank reverberate in quiet spaces. Its quieter and rarer cousin, Spotted Redshank look on with detached indifference.

 Oystercatcher flies overhead with a plover egg speared by its bill. Alighting over the sea wall to consume undisturbed; a lifetime of observation and never seen before.

 Neither settling not lifting; but constantly 'patting' the water as it flits between sunken pools, a lone juvenile Little Gull cannot fail to make its mark...

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