Blakeney Esker. Norfolk. 28 May 2021

Eos. #151

 The errie silent flight of a Barn Owl patrolling its nightly domain. Moving from pillar to post; a ghostly apparition ready to pounce. Reactive eyes; patiently waiting and watching, but time is short.

 Crouching hares in dew laden fields. Sat in pairs; but aware of opposition and opportunity, instinct rising with each falling shadow. Yet for now, measured and calm before daylight begins.

 Strident Reeves' muntjac bark in the darkness, uncharacteristically bold and far from protective cover. Effortlessly melting away as the protective blanket retreats from patchwork spaces.

 High above glacial deposits, dwarf scrubland holds court to singing 'cheese-buntings'. Every part of this ancient escarpment resounds to the sound of summer Yellowhammer.

 Far below, rooting pigs greet the day with deafening squeals and deep gutteral whines. As if on cue; from cold empty skies, countless Rook and Jackdaw descend to feast in the wake of such debauchery...

NWT Roydon Common. Norfolk. 18 May 2021

Bolt. #150

 Brooding storm clouds and far off thunder scatter brown hares from short cropped hollows. Instinctively crouching between each far off 'clap'.

 Passing male Marsh Harrier intercepted by ground nesting Lapwing. Harried and mobbed in quick succession, until forced from view.

 Woodlark deftly move in and around lumbering off-white beasts. Lifting with one voice, as disturbance from unseen danger forces flight.

 In and out of stunted bogland trees; a Jay finally settles. Holding a lifeless nestling, quickly dismembered and devoured between harsh rasping calls...

Goonhilly Downs NNR. Cornwall. 08 May 2021

Fade. #149

 Heavy winds blowing away fickle halcyon days. Fast tumbling Raven dance on pushed air; before returning to their stick fortress, wedged high between archaic superstructure. Lifetime continuity forged between cold hard steel and unforgiving landscape.

 Lone Magpie moves through stunted cover with murderous intent. Methodically searching between bow and crevice for vulnerable egg or chick. Mobbed by Dunnock in unified fury. Polygynandry breeding strategy to ensure success. Safe for now, but the long bell tolls.

  Far off 'goo-ko' call rides on the incoming rain. Imagination rolling over vast distances; from African plain to peninsula bog, from plenty to rare. Onomatopoeic Cuckoo; the bellwether sound of hope and balance. But on the edge. The all too soon to be gone 'long lost' summer bird...

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