CBWPS. CWT. Windmill Farm Nature Reserve. Cornwall. 21 April 2021

Air. #148

 Newly arrived Willow Warbler, its tumbling cadence falling down a tuneful scale. Renewed hope flittering through both blossom and half dappled sunlight.

 Powerful passing of speed and distance, as returning Swallow arc through sun drenched swarms of glinting diptera. A mesmerising arc repeated time and time again.

 Slow grazing cattle lollop in rutted synchronisation. Blissfully unaware of the archangel stretched form of the singing Skylark. A parachute drift to silence; then tuneful ascent to the heavens once more.

 Over bronze-age barrows and derelict pillboxes; a fast moving Sparrowhawk chases fleeing passerines to gruesome rest. A winged specter raising ghosty cutthroats from an age long past...

CBWPS. CWT. Windmill Farm Nature Reserve. Cornwall. 08 April 2021

Expanse. #147

 Flighting pond of nervous 'wild duck' Mallard; lifting in a low arc, exploding past flattened soft rush and beyond with neither rhyme nor reason.

 Flitting though new blossomed hedgerow, misnamed female Blackcap picks off both insects and berries alike. Distant contact calls abound.

 Bold 'kit' rabbits chew exposed green shoots in the lee of protective bramble and gorse. Scattering to safety as a lone Buzzard high above 'mews' its plaintiff cry.

 Shiny copper brown body hidden under corrugated tin. Slow worm contorts and flexes; indignation personified in slowly wrapping, strangling coils. Exposed; bejewelled, legless lizard waiting for the night... 

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