The Lizard. Cornwall. 22 March 2021

Spy. #146

 Water ebbing away to produce an alien world exposed. Tompot blennies and scorpion fish sculk in dulse cover; hiding from shadow, rockpool masters in miniature.

 Offshore cliff stack alive with expectation. Nesting Shag 'preen and bill' as partners return. The fading sun highlighting their wonderful green iridescence and their truly elegant form.

 Leisurely grey seal patrols the slack tide. In and out of gently wafting kelp in search of the edible. Waiting for the flood to open this twice a day closed world.

 A pod of common dolphin circle 'bait' into a ball. Round and round they swim as the ball gets tighter and tighter. And then carnage; erupting spray and scything movement, and then calm...

The Lizard. Cornwall. 12 March 2021

Abyss. #145

 Endless wind and salt spray slamming into lichen covered monoliths. Suicidal Rock Pipit fly through the inferno, their reed thin calls alerting the eye.

 Grey seal; at home in terrifying seas, bobs and watches the fool, as the undercurrent rips up the pebble beach in deafening crescendos.

 Green milky water hides its secret and veils it's treasure. Heavy spinner launched and retrieved without faith or conviction, going through the motions and dreaming of beyond.

 Sideways rain stings the senses and blinds the aided. Far off mocking from passing palagics; scything through mountainous waves, relentlessly chasing their bounty with murderous intent...

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