NT Degibna. Cornwall. 31 January 2021

Spectre. #142

 Tapping on the windows as icy fingers drum on stretched mobile tin coverings. Looking outwards and inwards as spirits soar and fall in cyclical rhythm.

 The ghost in the machine: playing with hope and expectations as it starts and fails; then starts again, then fails. Bangs and flashing lights; chaos then calm, red then green.

 Detached from worry or fear of 'what if'. The here and now supersede the possible with the practical routine of adapting and knowing things will get better.

 Thinking of real loss and suffering and how the world turned upside down. Knowing that life moves on and sooner or later the handbrake will be released and the sun will shine...

The Lizard. Cornwall. 21 January 2021

Agerever. #141

 Casting hope into chocolate brown water. Fighting against tide and time to disprove hard won knowledge and experience. A violent, unyielding day.

 Buoyant Shag diving in deep water; mere yards from the battered shingle shore. Searching the submerged cauldron, indifferent to the constant buffeting of both undertow and tidal surge.

 Rock bound Herring Gull look on in amused disinterest. Preening and resting high above the pounding onslaught. Below breakers crash into the ever eroding strata.

Arcing braid curve cutting through the water as rod tip jumps and predator becomes prey. Spent bronze slab on the monochrome surface; all too quickly beached and admired, but returned to the gloom to fight another day...

The Loe. Penrose Estate. Cornwall. 07 January 2021

Riven. #140

 Well worn tracks, laying muddy marks of restless passing. Far off drumming as Great Spotted Woodpecker test out rotting pulp larders of dying trees.

 Blackened shapes power through hazy sunlight and quickly pass low over silent water. Outstretched necks and reptilian faces highlight earnest Cormorant bedevilment.

 Scolding Wren 'machine-gunning' intruders in territorial anger. A burst and then cover before engaging once more. Pocket sized ambusher, fighting against all the odds.

 Uniquely adapted master of tree trunk travel. Sneaking vertically; both up and down in search of food, an enchanting vision of warm autumn hues. The ever absorbing and totally engaging European Nuthatch...

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