Shepton Mallet. Somerset. 09 November 2020

Lockdown. #135

 Not trapped; but safe, a change of emphasis from victim to enabled. Doing the right thing instead of a self-serving 'push the envelope' mentality. Understanding and consideration for others. The old, new way.

 The best of times, not the worst of times. True friends stepping up in difficult circumstances. Outstretched hands to ease the load and mould a shifting mindset. Such a very short time to run, but with so much to gain.

 Real microcosm community. A sense of right, away from the chattering nonsense infecting social media. Disconnect both the mindless keyboard warriors and the pseudo-science gurus, all purveyors of self serving ideology. Reject the bile and spite and bottomless self-pity.

 Fill the day with purpose or dream of far away places. Set plans in motion but remember the reality of the here and now. The coming together of goodness over selfishness. A time to reflect and cherish the mindset; to bask in its comfort, to feel it's warmth. Not trapped; but safe...

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