The Lizard. Cornwall. 21 October 2020

Lure. #134

 Light fading fast on a relentlessly wet day. Momentary calm bringing much needed evening relief. Above the impasse, an endless stream of silhouetted Herring Gull move across the bay to an unseen destination.

 Bladderwrack piles up on an incoming tide; deposited between boulder and shingle strand, systematically worked over by clockwork 'winter' Turnstone.

 Favourite sinking plug flicked between rolling breakers; biting the water in rythmic tappings, flashing beacon of hope against logic and the odds.

 Violent shaking of rod tip briefly flatters to deceive; no leviathan from the imagination, but schoolie from the off. A lone aggressor; ridiculous imposter, all too soon landed and released to fight another day...

RSPB Swell Wood. Somerset. 13 October 2020

Worth. #133

 Dropping between dappled light; leaves cover woodland tracks, all autumn hue and faded life. Hidden paths foraged by busy grey squirrels.

 Flocks of Coal Tit come to swinging feeders. Muscled out by heavier Great Tit; which in turn are muscled out by heavier Nuthatch. As ever; to the bully the spoils.

 High above the Levels, a muted world revolves. Slumbering Dormice occupy ancient forest whilst an unseen Buzzard 'mews' its presence from above.

 A family group walk the flatland. Painstaking reintroduction to the ancestral home. Feeding and preening amongst the vastness: the incredibly elegant, Common Crane...

Slepe Heath. Dorset. 02 October 2020

Howl. #132

 Rasping wind and driven rain cascade around sheltered contours. Long-tailed Tit flit between strands buffered by relentless rage.

 Saturated ground interspersed with soft rush bog; within, crouching, hide the 'wild duck' Mallard. Free from the hunters gun, only breaking cover when safe distance shrinks.

 In and out of conifer canopy 'blink' diminutive Goldcrest. Angelic look and regal crown set them apart from mixed flock integration. High pitched 'siii' alert the eye.

 Powering through heathland; 'our' smallest falcon chases its prey. Meadow Pipit scatter as a female Merlin twists and turns; relentlessly, unmercifully, hunting down its victim...

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