Seaton Wetlands. East Devon. 23 September 2020

Falling. #131

 Pitter-patter rain on thin-skinned metal. Steamed windows watch a damp sodden world. Rhythmic tapping to occasional dripping; all held below a shrouded canopy.

 Bedraggled Woodpigeon sit patiently on cable; limply suspended between greasy, glistening telegraph poles. Resigned to the wait, the drip-drip dullness mirroring their own dull plaintive calls.

 Undergrowth disturbance beneath shielding hawthorn. Detritus covering flicked in coordinated displacement. Subtle cryptic colouring and mahogany eye, reveal oft overlooked and underappreciated polyandrous Dunnock.

 Skylark cadence announce the changes. An all too brief burst of respite and sound. Upwards and upwards until form becomes dot; then 'rockabye' down to saturated fields...

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. 10 September 2020

Fate. #130

 Noses lifting out of the incoming tide. Fading light and calm conditions highlight the glistening faces of grey seals.

 Strange mewing sounds emanate from the far pebble strand. Cream bags of fur call and wriggle, the natal bond broken by unwanted intrusion.

 A hasty retreat; a necessary departure, distant observation high above the cove. Routinely the protective bobbing heads; mere yards offshore from their offspring, call the 'all-clear'.

 Hauling out, the lumbering mother returns. Suckling her young, each pup jostling beside the spread gravity-burdened body.

 A race against time and instinct. An idyllic scene all too soon to be ended, as abandonment awaits. The strong will survive and the weak will perish...

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