The United Kingdom. 30 August 2020

Reality. #129

 The strutters and the poseurs; empty vessels, cut adrift from where we once were. A time of show; consideration long lost to brashness.

 The loud and the feckless. A trail of expletives and litter marks their passing. Affluent dregs: knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

 The boy racers spin in desperate attention seeking circles. Small town gangster wannabes; callow minds in neutral, devoid of any empathy or grace.

 The regimented automatons, following their phones in a secondhand numbing existence. 'Ping' the celebrity bell and follow with Pavlovian conditioning.

 The invisible 'old'. Long lost and forgotten; a shameful baton dropped by a too busy world, a world that stopped caring and deserves no better that this...

Goodwick Harbour. Pembrokeshire. 20 August 2020

Hoolie. #128

 Breakwater Herring Gull face into unrelenting pressure. Feathers pressed tightly against compacted bodies; slipstream insulation, precious heat retained.

 Dunlin, still in summer finery, squat low in beach hollows and slim rock depressions. Meagre protection against shot-blasted sand and cold stinging rain. Ever staggered passage, still far to go.

 Waiting Ringed Plover and Turnstone hunker down below cliff face savagery, as Black-headed Gull fight over the discarded unpalatable remains of convenience gluttony.

 Rebounding and reverberating mayhem follows the numbing roar. Chaos tails the vortex between endless gusts, Criptic Curlew 'whistle' defiance whilst driven Oystercatcher 'kleeps' chase the running wind...

Renny Slip. Pembrokeshire. 05 August 2020

Rhuo. #127

 Green rose chafer, glistening amongst 'sea pinks' and loose tumbled rock. Beautiful metallic scarab, a lost jewel sparkling in unforgiving hard cover.

 Buffering winds lifting water and spray high onto scoured weathered boulders. Hunkered down between the tempest, a Black Redstart forlornly calls.

 Bobbing Guillemot 'jumpling' still following father out at sea. A leap of faith; an inate response, a bond unbroken from chick to fledging and beyond.

 Offshore, Manx Shearwater glide in troughs of changing air pressure. Breeding done; the annual journey to a southern hemisphere winter slowly beckons...

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