Stoborough Heath NNR. Dorset. 27 July 2020

Entry. #126

 Young fox; less kit, more juvenile, hides under bracken. Unsure and alone, outcast and unwanted, as parental territory outweighs natal bonds.

 Short cropped rough pasture. Home to foraging Green Woodpecker. Too loud 'yaffle' calls pierce the air, as startled 'ant-ers' take flight and flee to nearest cover.

 Rubbing-post ponies moving from the past. Unfettered and unhurried, walking across time and memory. Family group, free to wander, forever roaming heathland moor and flint laden track.

 Broken bow knocking with hard natural rhythm; muffled sound hidden by dense outer thicket. Unobserved by prying eyes that test the landscape, but high above the Buzzard drops...

South Hams. Devon. 17 July 2020

Hum. #125

 Jackdaw tumbling though moving air. Near stalling then lifting high above carpeted cliffs. Enchanted bonding between rock and sea.

 Dead breeze pockets hosting swaying passerines. Emboldened males calling on low lying scrub, incessant 'trak-trak-trak' of oft overlooked Stonechat.

 Resting Great black-backed Gull: imperious in size and attitude; hoarse 'laughter' dominating wet lifted rock, newly free from tidal grip.

 Rumbling clouds chase the vista. Evening swarms of insects move as one; alerting both Swallow and Sand Martin to plunder the darkening skies.

 Staggered movement into stretched horizons. Endless 'kleep-kleep' shouts of passing Oystercatcher; pushing hard as they rush to beat the fast fading light...

Goonhilly Downs. Cornwall. 05 July 2020

Sweep. #124

 Evening Skylark ascending into the heavens before slow-pitch drifting back to terra firma. Melodious repetition repeated long into fading light.

 'Wild duck' Mallard lift from pocket handkerchief pools. Startled by rustle and movement; fleeing to distant safety, away from lengthening shadows.

 Mobbing Raven 'cronk' continually whilst haranguing a hapless Buzzard. Its traversing of endless sky peppered with tired evasive manoeuvres.

 Far off barking calls of deer pierce the deepening gloom. Baying winds driving pained guttural cries from sheltered strands to crouching heathland...

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