South Hams. Devon. 23 June 2020

Descent. #123

 Salt spray lanes humming with summer insects. Repeated 'bread and cheese' voices of early evening Yellowhammer.

 Sharp 'jangling keys' from far-off Corn Bunting; hidden by hedgerows, bestriding rutted tracks. Regular spaced calling atop dwarf scrub perches.

Dancing last light twinkling on gentle lapping. Blinking movement curled around weathered buttresses; deceptively calm from dizzying heights.

 Female Kestrel below the horizon; first gliding, then soaring to eye level contact. Stare unflinching; cold and unmoving, as feathered fingers react to the updraft...

The Lizard Peninsula. Cornwall. 15 June 2020

Blank. #122

 Lapping wavelets on a tide drained and lifeless. Slack water becalmed by gravity and time.

 Mewing gulls fight over storm tossed bladderwrack, slowly rotting on piled up shingle.

 Jet black Shag dive with diagnostic precision. Sleeker and more agile than its rough and ready cousin.

 Out of place Sedge Warbler scratches tuneless broken phrases. Carried from impenetrable cover by newborn silence.

 Empty water devoid of fight. No predator nor prey; just stillness and longing. Another 'one last cast' in hopeless expectation...

The Lizard Peninsula. Cornwall. 04 June 2020

Cusp. #121

 Lifting cloud above an ebbing tide. Cold pools harbour blenny and butterfish in stranded worlds.

 Barnacle and mussel grip igneous rock, intertidal expedience in the ever moving cycle of wet and dry.

 Oystercatcher 'kleep' in unison. Alighting up and away, high over the bay to untroubled platforms.

 In and out of eroded channels, Rock Pipit lift drying weed, springtail and maggot exposed to veracious feeding.

 Wafting fronds of submerged kelp move with the gentle change in flow. Sanctuary for some and attractant for others.

 Anticipation mounting as the surge takes hold. Herring Gull awake from bobbing slumber; searching the vastness with reciprocal action...

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