Desfiladerode Pancorbo. Castile and León. 14 - 17 May 2020

Dash. #120

 Alentejo White Stork waving goodbye. Nesting proudly on man-made totems. Living proof of adaptation to the crushing hand that moulds their landscape.

 Glossy Ibis hold at stalling speed in the wind; before alighting on sheep cropped pastures, oblivious to border checks and artificial frontiers. Impervious to the here and now.

 Griffon Vultures over the Salamanca plains. Slowly circling higher and higher, as thermals carry them up and far away into 'fair-weather' cloud. Always to meet again.

 Enforced diversion enchants tired eyes; as Montagu's Harrier effortlessly moves over low level agriculture. A striking contrast against cereal fields, scarlet with poppy.

 Disyllabic 'goo-ko' call of Cuckoo drowned out by the faithful, as bells ring throughout Chaumont-sur-Tharonne. Dappled light dances with the cadence when the summoning call abates.

 Common Swift scream in formation as they feed on the wing. Search-image complexity: devouring airborne insects; time, after time, after time. Summertime 'devil birds' over the moody skies of Calais... 

Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano. 08 May 2020

Track. #119

 Meandering above the patchwork, flies Red-rumped Swallow. Numbers great enough for easy comparison to their more abundant cousins. Later to arrive with a laidback, less urgent flight.

 Nightingale still enchant with mesmerising melodic song; skulking deep in bramble and impenetrable thicket patches. A song more concentrated as the burnished landscape slowly cools.

 The twilight resounds with 'tuok-tuok-tuok'. Ghostly Red-necked Nightjar 'mothing' between moonlit clearings; these apparitions appear and disappear with the abundance of their quarry. In and out of darkened corridors.

 Waves crashing on crunching shingle. White temptresses riding from deep oceans; hiding drama and mystery in cold unforgiving seas, faithful lure cast out between fantasy and reality...

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