Praia da Barradinha. Alentejo. 25 April 2020

Chance. #118

 Fresh-fall Nightingale ply subdued warbles whilst hidden deep in coastal scrub. New summer visitors waiting out the 'grounding', lamenting voices to their casualties of passage. 

 Ancient battered shoreline of flint and hard granite. Defiant ribbons of quarts stand sliently accusing; white arterial pointers to the ever crushing sea.

 Rockpools drowned; releasing fronds that mimic the current. Translucent small fishes flush out with the backwash; to a fate unseen, and a future unknown.

 Salt spray hangs on every moment, touching the senses and softening the light. Sandwich Tern attack fry in the dank murky shallows, another deadly struggle on an incoming tide...

Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. 14 April 2020

Bulge. #117

 Flock of Turnstone surprised by human presence. Panicked russet brown feathering and striking white wing-bar; gliding away to 'just far enough'. Always safety in numbers.

 High above, European Bee-eater call as they pass overhead. Seemingly every coastal high wire and post occupied, watching and waiting. Back at last from far away winter quarters.

 Scratchy metallic call from steep sided rock-face, rock gripped by precarious scrub clinging to life. Temporary rest for a conspicuous male Sardinian Warbler, chanced reckless abandonment in his ardour to mate.

 Rushing tide, devouring slipping rocks and sanctuary pools. From idyllic to dangerous; unstoppable and unyielding, a twice a day puppet to relentless gravitational pull...


Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. 03 April 2020

Revival. #116

 Aerial courtship display, calling from above. 'Arrowing' to sheer slab walls high above gin-clear water. Peregrine dancing to the bonding days.

 Raven mobbing Kestrel to lessen it's load. Kleptoparasitism by opportunity rather than by design. Thuggery denied by a burst of power and speed.

 High stack nesting observed by Jackdaw, patiently waiting for a chink in the armour. Four eggs turned by the watchful sitter; parentally vigilant, coastal White Stork.

 In and out of scattered succulents, large psammodromus moves at speed. Lightening fast to avoid deadly capture; a cold-blooded reptile, but so dependant on warmth...

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