Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. 21 March 2020

Raw. #115

 Pounding surf, relentless in its anger and its rage. Unstoppable as waves slam into ever weathering rock; hardened igneous teeth revealed, all laid bare in jagged defiance.

 Swabbling 'club' of juvenile Yellow-legged Gull. Fighting over the floating remains of an unidentifable bloated carcass; relentlessly washing back and forth on the constantly shifting strand.

 Tired symbolic grasshopper falters on laboured wings. Out of its environment and out of chancers luck; momentum lost to crushing water and the future washed away.

 Flashing flanks of silver show mastery of a cold, alien world. Apex predators corralling 'bait'; as the labrax ambush both the unwary and the panicked. Destiny played out on a fast ebbing tide...

Ria de Alvor. Algarve. 12 March 2020

Passage. #114

 Cockle fishers bend their backs on early low tide. Raking and sifting through sediment and knee deep water. Each alone, but each watching the other.

 Away from the disturbance; 'winter-white' Sanderling whirl in vivid flocks. Glinting high above the estuary, they alight to where gentle ripples lap golden sand.

 Below the stone breakers, hundreds of 'jack-in-the-box' fiddler crabs emerge from their burrows. One heavy footfall and the extended colony drops back to safety. A scene constantly repeated.

 Picking through the exposed eel grass, a lone Greenshank works its 'patch'. Discovery releases a sharp 'tu tu tu', and the ever distant wing-beats merge with the increasing morning haze...

Ribeira de Odiaxere. Algarve. 03 March 2020

Valere. #113

 Fossilised shells entombed in tumbled rock; scattered beneath crumbling cliff-face, weathered by time and circumstance.

 Common Sandpiper 'bob' in slow filling gullies. Dank; sticky, mud, inextricably covered by an almost imperceptible, but unstoppable evening tide.

 Ridiculous 'show pony' Greater Flamingo hide their heads in shame. All ostentatious pink tones and shocking red wing-coverts. Parody beyond belief.

 Bluethroat flit between low scrub and salt-crusted rush; crossing brackish channels, time and time again. Fleeting glimpses of ruffled colouring in fast fading light.

 Activity under parting surface film as the twice-a-day world comes to life. Regular scatterings of miniscule fishes as the 'robalo' patrol their watery domain... 

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