Praia Grande de Pêra. Algarve. 21 February 2020

Twilight. #112

 The before dawn 'other-world'. A moving and still time; a time of both veiled success and failure, but all lived out in near darkness. A brooding sense of shadow.

 Pensive mammalian heirarchy; eyes sharpened by generational fecundity and crepuscular activity. The quick or the dead. Forever fine margins; no place for the frail.

 Armoured 'metalic' beetles fan the dried compacted sands between strandline and dunes. Fresh pickings, safely harvested before sunlight brings disturbance from vacuous hordes.

White surf pounding monochrome beaches. Darkened seas and bubbling shallows give cover to unseen pursuing killers. Chased silver 'bars' spray into alien air: a futile last-gasp death knell to a preordained inevitable...

Praia do Malhão. Alentejo. 08 February 2020

Tempestade. #111

 Roaring surf smashing against eroded rock. Paired Turnstone seem impervious to the drama unfolding. Slowly; methodically, searching between mounds of rotting kelp and sea-lettuce.

 Hunkered down against the onslaught squats a Purple Sandpiper. Noticeably different from the crowd; a loner, aloof, unwanted outcast. Anthropomorphised responses to innate behaviour.

 On wetted sandy shores 'clockwork' Sanderling gather. Comedy 'ten to the dozen' black legs running always just beyond the last dying wave. Forever back and forth, back and forth.

 Past the breakers, far out in choppy waters, a raft of Common Scoter 'bob' like plastic decoys. Waiting for change; but seemingly impervious to both biting winds and mountainous seas alike...

Praia do Carvalhal. Alentejo. 05 February 2020

Chain. #110

 Casting off rocks into gin clear water. Spinner flashing and glinting, retrieved between sunken obstructions.

 Mediterranean Gull 'bounce' amongst their common Black-headed cousins. Attracted by scattered fry chased by unseen assassins.

 A lithe silver shape follows the prize, as it waggles and weaves through shallow white horses. Predator becomes prey when it grasps the deception.

 Peregrine Falcon; frightening 'straight arrow'. Scattering all by her menacing presence, as she powers through to places unknown.

 Netted on the 'up' and dispatched by 'priest'. Momentary regret coupled with enquiring wonder. The hunter and the hunted: the way of the world... 

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