Tavira. Algarve. 31 December 2019

Your God. #105

 All the world's damaged people. They're here and they're with you. Don't look away. The hidden light shines through them. They are us, just as we are them.

 Don't shun them. Help them. The voices are calling and we are failing them, and failing ourselves, because it's a fine line.

 The bar shouters and street ranters; the homeless and the desperate. Our fragile brothers and sisters long unseen. Unwanted, unloved. 

 Care less for your comfort, care more for your conscience. We're all walking the same road, the same life, the same end.

 The festive season has left them, disowned them, never knew them. Be thankful it's not your time, your place, your circumstances. 

 Because there for the grace of your God... 

Playa de Isla Canela. Andalucía. 18 December 2019

Lull. #104

 Fading light 'glows' and the beauty of an incoming evening tide shines. Lugworm casts protrude from dry mud ripples whilst spurts of water betray deep buried razor-clam.

 Kentish Plover; reminiscent in movement to Sanderling, dart across compacted sand in a blur of clockwork. All stiff-legged effort and angst.

 'Kleep-kleep' voices as the day dies and lengthening shadows highlight the passing Oystercatcher; each group moving adjacent to the distant water.

 The 'berberecho' fishermen drag their contraptions though the shallows one last time before departing. But on the strandline Turnstone continue feeding late into the night...

Disused Saltpans. Tavira. Algarve. 13 December 2019

Gathering. #103

 Through the grime and squalor of post industrial habitat, nature prevails. Long abandoned workings attract resident and migratory species.

 Redshank wade through silted water, probing the shallows for morsels to consume. Ever elert to disturbance; the sentinel, feeding long into the night.

 In amongst their common cousins, Spotted Redshank stand out. More elegant to the human eye, with longer legs and slimmer profile. No in-flight wing-bar confirms the already known.

 Resting on the banks between saline troughs, countless Yellow-legged Gull preen and wait. Ordinary here due to numbers, but still extraordinary to behold...

Lagoa dos Salgados. Algarve. 09 December 2019

Link. #102

 Prancing show ponies of the bird world; Greater Flamingo move in coordinated, synchronized, feeding movement.

 Chasing unseen prey in parched scrubland, a male Kestrel drops to the floor. Covering it's prize with body and wings as it dissects with practiced ease.

 Resting Common Whitethroat alerts with its scratchy call. Out of time and space, a late passage migrant with still far to go.

 Solo 'cream-crown' female Marsh Harrier silently patrols the area. Her progress highlighted by countless lifting gulls, aware of the danger.

 In and out of soft rush moves Zitting Cisticola. Always in bounds, always reappearing to stake a claim. No aerial voice yet, but still a territory to hold...

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