Praia Grande de Pêra. Algarve. 29 November 2019

Biome. #101

 Walking through shifting sandunes held together by marram grasses, spiny dawf scrubland gives voice to territorial Sardinian Warbler.

 Ever alert to inevitable disturbance Crested Lark alight and then drop back to earth; safe distance maintained, ever watchful.

 Slowly decomposing Spotless Starling infested by wriggling rove beetles. The eater being eaten as a lone Magpie feasts on both.

 Omnipresent Linnet 'bounce' in flight, their weak call resonates in the still air. The tight-knit flock constantly moving in leaps and bounds.

 As the penultimate wave lazily turns over just yards from shore, a plunging Sandwich Tern re-emerges with yet another silver wriggling prize...

Sierra de San Pedro. Extremadura. 20 November 2019

Dehesa. #100

 Resting on rocky outcrops; wings outstretched, Griffon Vulture wait for thermals to search the landscape for fresh carcasses.

 Below, wild boar root in the holm oak pastures so prevalent of the area. Disturbed Hoopoe lift and settle in the wake of the passing swine.

 In one of the trees a Southern Grey Shrike softly calls. Watching the area below for its prey; swiftly caught, dispatched and impaled on nearby thorn bushes.

 Countless Red Kite grace the entire area. Majestic movements of wings and forked tails as they glide though turbulence.

 Cattle Egret follow the domesticated herd; feeding on terrestrial insects inevitably disturbed by grazing. Classic commensalism at work...

Baie de Seine. Portsmouth to Santander. 12 November 2019

Cell. #99

 Fleeting sodden glimpses of aerial treasure. Wretched enforced viewing; shuddering spray lashing bulkhead and deckspace. Obscured phantom shapes, real or imagined.

 Locked outer doors to storm drenched platforms. Inner shared spaces occupied by dullard and scholar alike. Worlds apart; but forced together by destination.

 The loudmouth holds court. On every subject his word is law: simplistic analysis of complex problems; a 'black and white' prophet, befitting our time.

 Another narcissistic 'selfie' for another mindless album. The sign of the age; secondhand living through third-rate viewing. A microcosm of humanity: stupifyingly mundane...

Seaton Wetlands. East Devon. 05 November 2019

Chain. #98

 The dying embers of another time drop to the saturated floor. Whilst flocks of Long-tailed Tit move from empty bows and dormant growth.

 Harsh weather hangs in sodden marshland. A blanket worn by all who feed and survive lean times. Shelduck congregate on grey ponds, stoically feeding on dull aquatic weed.

 Lapwing call their country name 'peewit - peewit' as an unseen assassin lifts hundreds into the air. Eventually tumbling back down to earth as inate response subsides; safe again.

 In reed margins a Little Egret moves from cover; prize gyrating between clasped black bill. Shaken and swallowed in well practiced ritual, the consumed freshwater eel sustains 'higher' life...

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