RSPB Arne. Dorset. 27 October 2019

Heath. #97

 Through the lifting light of ethereal woodland; a Treecreeper forages. Its cryptic ginger-brown body contrasting with its snowy-white underbelly, 'flashing' as it moves from trunk to trunk.

 Below; the drying and dying ferns move with systematic searching. Unseen but heard, a solitary Song Thrush moves compacted leaf litter for detritus consuming molluscs.

 Out into the ever filling channels of the natural harbour; feeding Spoonbill methodically wade with sideward swishing bills, consuming both aquatic invertebrates and small fish alike.

 Across the salt marsh fringes, a low level chase between hunter and prey ends. Bedraggled Meadow Pipit caught mid-air and dispatched in soft rush cover by our smallest falcon: the ever enigmatic, easily overlooked Merlin...

Croft Pascoe Pool. Goonhilly Downs. Cornwall. 16 October 2019

Bogland. #96

 Little Grebe: long gone. Remnants of abandoned floating platform still hanging on, waiting for winter cleansing.

 Odonata chase above mirrored glass as late 'summer' lingers. Brief mating and egg laying in a triumph of temperature over season.

Stripped-back bullrushes hide no secrets. Resting post for male Stonechat; subdued contact call as the fading fringe is slowly traversed.

 Mile upon mile of sodden terrain, all defining this stark landscape. Heather and gorse attracting autumn red admiral: frantic massed fluttering of renewal and decay.

Peat brown water in puddles and cuttings. Soft rush dampness hiding the prize. Flushed from safety by grazing livestock; into the air, ever stiff winged Common Snipe... 

Lizard Point. Cornwall. 07 October 2019

Niche. #95

 Pounding though the mist, hard against decay and long gone glory. Scattering outcast Juvenile Herring Gull high into the air.

 Atlantic grey seal bob like cork pots. Heads arched heavenward, observing the scene. Oblivious to ever mountainous waves and treacherous tides.

 Constant 'kleep-kleep' of disturbed Oystercatcher. Held deep within the blanket, briefly coming into view as the veil slowly lifts.

 Neater, smaller, shadows rest on outcrops. Iridescent blackness within communal gathering. Confusion species; but Shag to the knowing.

 Succulents cling to inaccessible cliff face. A bright green buffer in a world of grey. High above; dancing on storm-rain, acrobatic Chough fall to rest.. 

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