Punchbowl. Rheidol Gorge. Ceredigion. 24 September 2019

Diafol. #94

 Sun lit shadow hides crevices and bow broken shafts: shafts thrown down by myth and folklore.

 Flitting Robin 'tick' and move between dank dripping rock. Fluffed feathers insulate against the chilling shade.

 Grey Wagtail follow the devil ever downwards, into and through narrowing passageways. Lemon-yellow flash contrasts the gloom.

 Giveaway Long-tailed Tit contact calls within the flock. Short bursts between daylight and the welcoming all enveloping canopy.

 Above, Carrion Crow mob a majestic Red Kite. Its regal glide and effortless movement mimics the watchers silence...

Lower Town. Pembrokeshire. 16 September 2019

Tide. #93

 Flock of Turnstone in winter drab, systematically picking through rotting kelp. Leaping springtails dance to daylight.

 Black-headed Gull rest on newly buoyant sloops and skiffs. Post-breeding heads turned into the wetting breeze; all oblivious to the 'glaw'.

 Lone Razorbill bobbing off the harbour mouth. Seeking refuge from unknown storms deep out at sea. A chance to rest; a chance to survive.

 Regal gait of patrolling Curlew foraging in deepening water. Curved bill picking and probing between deminishing sand and stone.

 Ever bobbing darter, all jittery self conscious movement and nervous energy. Three note 'pip' betrays its presence. Flighty 'on passage' Common Sandpiper...

Badbury Rings. Dorset. 07 September 2019

Dusk. #92

 Plaited patchwork of gullies and barrows. Long lost ancestors linger in lengthening shadows.

 Bickering Jackdaw call from the heights. Communal gathering in the late evening gloom.

 Hovering Kestrel 'waving' in the distance. Quartering short cropped grasses in search of sculking prey.

 Twitching rabbit peering from beneath hawthorn hedgerow. Crepuscular feeder: a waiting time.

 Watery sun leaving the horizon. Tawny Owl 'ke-wick' in the distance; mirrored response, a distance more.

 Chilling air; rushing out from the high ground, whilst Pipistrelle abound as spectres look on...

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