Carleon Cove. Cornwall. 31 August 2019

Longing. #91

 Heightened spray crashing against granite and serpentine columns. Erosion forms of lost faces and lost times.

 Ballen wrasse pulled from siren kelp jungle. Battling hard to return to the deep cold water, a chance to fight another day.

 Sunset Gannet plunging into the blue; exploding arrows far from land, unmistakable plumes that follow the fry.

 Bobbing Herring Gull; flotsam army on the rolling waves, dissipating on ever wet shingle. Crunching sounds of moving stone.

 High above the towering crags, a barrel chested dot cuts through the heavens. Master of the air; lord of the dance, swift and deadly Peregrine Falcon...

RSPB Ham Wall. Somerset. 20 August 2019

Drain. #90

 Weaving through wet landscape, flanked by soft rush and phagmites. The thread of life cuts a swathe through the 'half-land'.

 Feeding red-finned roach ripple the mirror surface; as 'reptilian' Cormorant rest on rotting fence posts. Crucifixion forms in fading sunlight.

 Murderous squealing noises from deep in the reed mass. Carried far and wide in search of another. Ever sculking, ever secretive Water Rail.

 Deep unearthly boom. Short repetitive, unvarying note reverberates throughout the marsh. The unremitting sound of male Bittern.

 Little Grebe hugs the margins. Diving constantly only to re-appear with a 'plop' to the surface. Industrious and enigmatic little dabchick...

Fairport's Cropredy Convention. Oxfordshire 10 August 2019

Shift. #89

 The calm between the storm. Flattened flora and swollen stream, banded demoiselle clinging to sodden vegetation.

 Pulsating noise and mass migration between gate and arena. Pachyderm punters encamping on favourite holy ground.

 Tribal reunion: the passage of time ebbs away, a snapshot of routine and ritual. The annual passing of lifes metaphorical baton.

 Away from the hubub and glad-handing; a lone male Kestrel quarters its ground, oblivious as to the revelry beyond...

Slepe Heath. Dorset. 04 August 2019

Dusk. #88

 Collared Dove collecting material between its bill. Prolific breeder changing scarce visitor status to common resident.

 Busy Wren 'machine-gunning' alarm call from deep gorse. Viperous adder slithers through heather and whispy grasses.

 Southern Hawker flying over wet rush. Effortless right angle darting to and fro. Relentless capture of prey from mid-air.

 Trapped greenbottle shakes the web; alerting the orb spider to the centre. The prize Injected and wrapped, its fate forever sealed.

Enigmatic late evening of Hardy's heathland. Cryptic Nightjar gives way to flying ghost: chasing moths between timber rides...

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