Pedn Vounder. Cornwall. 26 July 2019

View. #87

 Cliff edge vista high above toasting husks. Herring Gull soaring over the abyss.

 Pod of dolphins play with the riptide. Go with the flow and then leap to slack water.

 Slow buzzing six-spot burnet congregate around thistle. Daytime beauty to match its cousins.

 Earthbound Buzzard mired in combat. Wriggling and writhing 'snake' held in its talons; never seen the like before.

 Flitting Rock Pipit into the high crack, begging heard but mouths unseen. Constant attention to nullify hunger.

Female Kestrel hovers an age; then swoops down to tumbling flora, wings outstretched to cover the prize...

Stanage Edge. Derbyshire. 15 July 2019

Crag. #86

 Lifting mist through wet cracks of gritstone. Fingers of shadow fighting the coming light.

 Swaledale sheep feeding in soft rush bog, disturbing a lone dark green fritillary resting on bracken.

 Meadow Pipit alights nearby with caterpillar firmly clenched in bill. Further proof of breeding success.

 Large 'cabbage' white flittering over buttresses and down to the valley floor. Solo white speck against the muted patchwork.

 'Mewing' call of Common Buzzard high on the wing. Unseen through low cloud but unmistakably there.

 Ring Ouzel 'trru-trru-trru-trru', sharply called from worn bare slab. The enigmatic 'upland blackbird', still hanging on...


Much Wenlock. Shropshire. 10 July 2019

Shade. #85

 Startled Green Woodpecker vents to alarm; its loud 'yaffle' call splitting the listeners silent vigil. Moss and short crop trimmings scatters as it flees.

 High pitched reedy 'zree-zree-zree' in surrounding firs. Flitting from branch to branch, diminutive Goldcrest move through the extended tight knit curtains.

 Onomatopoeic call of Chiffchaff, reverberating in enclosed spaces. 'Nervous' flicking of wing an tail as it picks insect prey from bone dry bows.

 Gravestone anvil of broken snail shell bares witness to the now sculking Song Thrush. Despised garden pest inextricably linked to this enigmatic songster...



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