Studland. Dorset. 30 June 2019

Flotsam. #84

 Stranded on the strandline. Lifeless and compacted by air and gravity: a dead shadow of liquid complexity and form.

 Picked over and picked through by the scavengers and the detritus dwellers living within rotting weed. Food and incubation for the living.

 Ignored by Black-headed Gull in their chocolate topped finery. All too intent on lifting wriggling fry from behind the gently rolling breakers.

 Jackdaw search the drying rags of green and purple. Oblivious to the endless noise and movement of 'pinky' sun worshippers.

 Plume splashes offshore denote passing Gannet. Arrow-like plunges break the glinting blue water boundary. A boundary between life and death...


Wicklow Mountains. Co. Wicklow. 18 June 2019

Heights. #83

 Mistle Thrush bolts from sun dappled ground to dark, foreboding, conifer belt. Startled by careless tramplings of leisurely pursuit.

 High above; the earnest flight call of passing Skylark, so different from the extended song of long lost summer meadows.

 Echoing sound of unseen, distant Red Grouse. 'Go-back-go-back-go-back' alarm call resides down the steep heather hillside.

 Passing trail of Curlew overhead. Formation 'follow-the-leader' flying as they move up and over the high mountain pass.

 Exploding feather ball as Peregrine Falcon hits hapless pigeon. Held in talons as it inextricably plummets earthwards; and finally out of view... 

The Burren Coast. Co. Clare. 12 June 2019

Karst. #82

 Blennies in warm shallow rock pools. Anenomes and wet weed provide shelter as fry scatter against threatening shadow.

 Lugworm casts 'mole' their presence on too scarce sand; every footstep flattens the signature curl. Submerged sirens bringing forth the bass on each incoming tide.

 White wing-bar glide of disturbed Ringed Plover. Matching orange legs and bill beat the retreat. Aways a little further.

 Enigmatic Hooded Crow pick through flotsam and jetsam. Methodically working each pile of stranded offerings.

 Wheatear move from limestone table to limestone table. Nordic 'white-arse', never more aptly named than when in short flight.

 Cuckoo calling on the wind. Scourge of Meadow Pipit and Dunnock alike. Combatants in an eternal life or death 'arms race'... 

Bunaw. Kilmakilloge. Co. Kerry. 04 June 2019

Still. #81

 Rolling overnight thunder drives on relentless rain. Sheltered moorings giving respite to bedraggled bobbing Herring Gull.

 Relief comes with the light and stillness abounds. Ebbing tide laps against working boats. Rock Pipit scavenge the jetty.

 Swallow swoop along the strandline. Powerful and concentrated as weak sun highlights aerial bounty from rotting seaweed.

 Line after line of bright mussel-string floats bob in the bay. Resting places for Cormorant; white thigh 'breeding-patch' still evident, but soon to go.

 Open mouthed Oystercatcher 'kleeep' before bolting from the shore. Long arching loop before alighting close by. Danger for now averted... 

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