Coliford Lake. Cornwall. 26 April 2019


Sleet. #76

 Moody leaden skies emptying ice cold rain. Fighting bitter winds, Lesser Black-backed Gull run with the turmoil then turn to slow.

 Raven dance and tumble, cavorting high above the dam wall in endless displays of aerial skill. Intermittent 'cronk-cronk' as the spectacle ends.

 Far off distant calls of Curlew break through the enveloping mist. Haunting, ethereal sound of rolling moorland.

 Carrion Crow hunkered down in heavy stick nest. High above the ground in slow moving branches the male instantly launches at any passing threat.

 Burst of yellow gorse flowers dripping with moisture. Sitting atop; Stonechat incessantly 'trak-trak', before moving to safer nearby vantage points.

 Common Buzzard on a fence post, oblivious to the elements. Positioned into the storm; its head unmoving, its focus unwavering... 

Pobeña. Basque Country. 13 April 2019

Ebb. #75

 Silver flashes though clear tricking water as grey mullet root in silted shallows. Twisting and turning as the estuary empties.    

 Great Black-backed Gull walks the newly emerged channels lifting debris and pebble alike. Beachmaster patrolling it's domain.

 Willow carr habitat, slowly drying and inextricably changing to terra firma. Jangling calls of Corn Bunting abound to testify the 'new'.

 Alighting on newly cropped grass; flittering between light and shade, Yellow Wagtail feed and frolic between bogland and meadow.

 Precarious mature trees hang grimly in the threatening cliff-edge void. Projected space rebounding to the incessant drawn out call of Greenfinch.

 Arched above on fingered wings, a lone Egyptian Vulture spirals higher and higher. Into the cloud, each circle drifting over ever distant crags...

Mértola. Alentejo. 4 April 2019

Francelho-das-torres. #74

 Hirundines circle on warm air, 'search image' hunting by size and weight of prey. The common enough interspersed with occasional Red-rumped Swallow.

 Above them circle the migratory Lesser Kestrel. Gliding not hovering, the gathering rotates upwards on clear blue skies.

 Alighting on stripped arid ground adjoining the slow moving Rio Guaniana, systematic pouncing on insects that cling to inadequate ground cover ensues.

 Occupying holes in ancient city walls, unseen young 'beg' with a series of high pitched 'keerrl' calls. Proof of breeding success.

 Arriving here together, to colonise the city together. To breed and leave together for the arduous journey south together. Remaining social together.

 Falco by name and Falco by nature, but naumanni not tinnunculus, a different beast altogether... 

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