Dunabrattin Head. Co. Waterford. 24 May 2019

Swell. #80

 Cormorant stand christ-like in crucifixion. Wings outstretched to dry in close damp air. Dark molevelance burnished with glinting gold.

 'Ten-a-penny' Chough dance and display on every uplift. Soaring ever higher; always to dive 'arrow-like' on folded-back wings.

 Resting Herring Gull preen on sea stacks. Lifting as one, instinctively controlled by an invisible hand. Evenly spaced on high; mutual cooperation in a timeless search pattern.

 Tenacious sea pinks abound. Visited by flocks of Linnet. The too colourful males and cryptic females systematically move between the sheltered outcrops.

 Offshore, follow-the-leader Gannet plunge into the blue. Further and further, until only exploding plumes of spray expose their endeavour... 

Mwnt. Dyfed. 16 May 2019

Path. #79

 Dawn is breaking and this world wakes and braces for the inevitable onslaught that is to come.

 St. Mark's fly lift off vegetation and fight the breeze. Suspended in a life both brief and immediate.

 Tumbling Chough perform through the low cloud. Comic call reverberating through the silent valley.

 Rock Pipit work the strandline. Systematicly moving seaweed mounds for jumping springtail.

 Passing below, Common Sandpiper move from stream to beach in one seamless, effortless, arc.

 Stonechat abound. Its hollow 'clackers' call, both apt and true. Well named by the knowing.

 The moment is broken. Lost. Dizzying noise and movement envelops as the snaking hordes arrive...

Cym Clydach. Swansea. 09 May 2019

Nant. #78

 Creeping urban grip slowly strangling compressed green lungs. A sharp finger of post industrial hope running ever upstream.

 Steep sided wet corridor, dank and splattered with defiant bluebell colour. Robin and Chaffinch song echoes throughout.

 Feeding between green slime boulders, 'lemon-rumped' Grey Wagtail and 'buff-tailed' Wren consume the newly emerging 'hatch'.

 Darting through sparse scrub, a male Sparrowhawk pursues its hapless prize. Over zealous territorial Great Tit paying the price.

 Darting under wavelets from flattened platforms, Dipper emerge with caddis larvae and unknown drowned offerings. BTO ringed aquatic passerine supreme...

Earth Station. Goonhilly Downs. Cornwall. 02 May 2019

Cuckoo. #77

 'Cronking' Raven dominating the high breeding platform. Chasing allcomers from its steel fortress.

 Willow Warbler song resounds in shaded branches. Its softly inflected notes a joy to hear.

 Casual lookalike cousin, Chiffchaff tries and falters. Monotonous, duller bird, calling far and wide.

 Hiding in soft rush and dank pool edge, startled Common Snipe bolt to safety. All panic and whirling stiff wings.

 Crackling harsh sound of attacking Jay shatters the peace. Unseen mobbing of an unknown intruder.

 Drifting over still air and lifting heathland, the endangered onomatopoeic 'goo-ko' sound of hope over adversity lives on...

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