The Lizard. Cornwall. 21 November 2018

Soundscape. #58

Creeping fingers of discomfort, spreading slowly across the vista. Daylight illuminating the icy blanket.

 Sounds of hope replacing silence. Unseen but known, fluty Robin calls. Blackbird alarm breaks as a predator roams.

 Frozen leaf litter rustles, little feet explore the freezer corpses. Windblown morsels for mammalian sustenance.   

 Silent wings observe the heath. Barn Owl shriek in the distance. A game of chance in the decaying detritus .

 Black-shadow patrols the heathland. Cronk call resonates far and wide. Raven; killer bird, lord and master.

  High above, the yickering Kestrel. Moving far and wide as harshness recedes. All a daily struggle of life and death...