Porth Nanven. Cornwall. 18 October 2018

Return. #57

 Fleeing inland to lessen the ravages, mountainous seas, of spray, and wonder. Thrill seekers 'dare', oblivious to danger.    

Crashing trees long in the growing. Torn out by the roots: casualties in the battle.   

  Roaring unrelentless sound of anger. Nerve shattering noise around false santuary.

 And then the calm. Order is restored and balance falls back to earth.

 The passing Chough with its comical call. Dancing lighter winds as it circles the wreckage.

 Solitary Wheatear, nervously flitting. Rock to twisted broken kelp. Feeding and flying, looking and waiting.

 Resident Rock Pipit gorging on the bounty. Rhythmically working receding weed, miniscule life within the decay.   

 Abandoning brook for the grotesque strandline, Grey Wagtail join the banquet as time moves on...

Dark Peak. Derbyshire. 02 October 2018

First Light. #56

 Wild and windy night as fine stinging rain drums against the stretched protective skin of metal.

 Rhythmic heater firing up and kicking into order as the temperature drops from comfortable to cold.

 Misted windows reveal a creeping landscape, strange sounds and occasional shreeks retreat with the dim watery light.

 Inactivity replaced with purpose, and silence broken as the day starts anew.   All mundane tasks discarded before the moment is lost.

 Protective clothing donned and trusted binoculars gathered. A flurry of movement and then the inevitable comfort to discomfort.   

 Stretching stiff limbs and testing heavy lungs. Whilst gradients fool and summits deceive, a faraway mind remembers the past.

 Rounding the 'tops' and greeting the view. Solitude greets peace and reflection moves resolve...

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