Studland. Dorset. 27 September 2018

Glow. #55

 Banked up rotting seaweed driven by gusting easterlies. Now becalmed due to light drying winds and balmy days. 

 Picked through by Black-headed Gull and its cousin, Mediterranean Gull. Once a rare sight but now a regular coastal scene.

 Throughout the decay is lodged the remains of 'open case' razor clams. Hundreds stripped clean of all succulent flesh.

 Bowling wing beats of Grey Heron dropping lower over slowly moving salt water. Alighting in the shallows between fronds of green.

 Large orange full moon lighting up a wet runway, leading the eye away from the small ripples as the sea ebbs away. 

 Exposed in the night light, the sunken blow hole and adjacent cast of lugworm. Waiting out low tide deep in the protective mud... 

RSPB Ham Wall. Somerset Levels. 22 September 2018

Movement. #54

 Consumed in the rain filling ditches; autumnal leaves run to ever larger pools, slowly wheeling in clogging circles.

 Turning roach cruising the margins, lifting water lightly in their wake. Then dropping deep, releasing mud trapped bubbles.

 Static Grey Heron against dancing reedbeds. Darting dagger; returning to sentry. Intense stillness, ready to stab again.

 Gliding otter traversing waterways. Cutting the surface in its effortless wake. Patrolling its territory dawn through to dawn.

 Cetti's Warbler blasts out its presence. Skulking brown job working the brambles, moving its line and shouting again.

 Mallard 'wild duck', panicked by the unseen. Unapproachable and weary; no duck pond 'bread fed' cousin this. 

 Elvers to eels, twenty years in the making. Sargasso to here and destined return. The inevitable, driven, lifelong journey...

The Lizard. Cornwall. 09 September 2018

Struggle. #53

 Boiling the surface water and chasing the fry. Predator and prey in a deadly dance of hit and miss.     

 Throw the deception into the affray, darting wedge mimicking the panic. Sandeel and miniatures joined by steel.

 Strike hard and feel the struggle, as the thin wand bends in a controlled arc of juddering vibration.

 Braid cutting though clear water as it scythes across the visible. Holding the prize within tempting reach.

 Up on the surf, pounding rock and senses. Timing the wave to meet the gathering landing. Net and lift before the incoming danger.   

  Disgorge and despatch with both sadness and wonder. Reality death; life in the raw but natures way...

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