St. Buryan Vintage Rally. Cornwall. 28 July 2018

Show. #49

 Line upon line reflecting pride and joy. Absorbing hours of preparation with rag and spanner 

Parade ring of miniscule detail and knowing glances. Memories not seen since eyes were young. 

Sight and sound drifting over the willing. Smell of coal and diesel, held in the hands of the showing. 

Barking dogs and judging fingers. Apprehensive looks along a line of care and practice.

Tooting pipes of organ music. Enveloping aging marionettes and gleeming chrome movement. 

Tents of tea, and cake, and jolly ladies. Good causes eaten between bouts of rain and wind.

Knocking down boxes by shouldering ancient rifles. Pellet and cork thumping into well worn back-drop.

Beer and sandwiches washed down with anicdotes. The mixing of classes: united by time and place...

Skilly. Newlyn. Cornwall. 14 July 2018

Slide. #48

Down the cooling loose stone path, away from the noise and nonsense dividing the grim from the twee. 

Sanctuary from harsh sunlight and baking ground. A blanket barrier between rage and fumes.

 Opening out to pristine sea and wave smooth rocks. Sea lettuce gently wafting in the gin clear water.

 Encroaching world lapping against uniform pebbles whilst miniscule fry form in nursery pools.

 Downtide 'ghosts' patrol the margins. Cruising the slack water between sunken columns. Finally free from harbour constrains.

 Evening drifters congregate on flattered plinths, worshiping Ra and their small screen gods.

 Silence replaced by noise. Reflection replaced by bravado. Peace and quiet lost on the incoming tide...

Poltesco. Cornwall. 03 July 2018

Grit. #47

Salt spray and pounding, relentless in erosion. Never ending exposure to the tidal pull.

Crevice sanctuary against an unforgiving hardness. A grain of comfort in a closed solid land.

Lichen covered nest, perpendicular to the enemy. Slim hope of survival in the teeth of adversity.

Drying winds and baking sun devour frail extremities. Bending stalk and petal in an effort to crush. 

Change clinging on in an expansion of the possible. Defying the probable, extending the normal.

Attraction of pollinators to the edge of the accepted. Hovering over sea to reap slim rewards.

Wilting and shrunken by the hostile environment. Giving: not taking,  judge by the neutral eye. 

Precarious existence; soft still-life in the balance. Living on the edge, clinging by a thread...


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