Pentewan. Cornwall. 20 June 2018

Waves. #46

Grey cloudy provider of shelter and ease. Mild winds lift the carpet of sand and cover the hardness.

Lapping surf-lets tuck under themselves, playing with beads of stone and slivers of dust.

Beachcasters heave lead and lugworm into the distance. Watching white rod tips for the 'knock' of their mission. 

Orange bouys bob in oneness. Waiting for anchorage and signs of life; life to hold and life to contain. 

Speeding tour boat cutting through deeper. All fizz, and foam, and gawping glances. Knowing looks as they pass the earthbound. 

Lone paddling angler, far in the distance. All effort and angst interspersed with long silence. 

White haired old swimmer, far out into danger. No labels and rubber;  just experience and grit.

High echoing noise of rotors and travelling. Hidden from sight by the blanket covering: Doppler 'shift' from left to right... 

Bessy's Cove. Cornwall. 09 June 2018

Unknown. #45

Winding narrow steps encroached by sound. Songbird and laughter mingle with crashing waves upon rock hard shore; a warning of nature. 

Basking human seals spread on unyielding platforms: performance and group bonding; alpha male strutters in designer skins.

Sun reflected on liquid, the dancing on wave-lets. Invitingly soft, hiddenly cold. Screeches of intake and the shrinking of status. Pride satisfied, the ungainly exit.

Mocking Wren, openly hostile;  daylight spent fulfilling its longing. Interuptions so frequent as to fracture the constant. Normality in the daytime playground, before the annoyance has gone. 

Ubiquitous gull, no longer for herring, sandwich stealer and enemy of providers. 'Something should be done' to curtail the intrusion; to dare adapt, to invade the invader.

Jumping fry persued up from the deepness. Readily observed by avian feeders; bait ball mass driven away from the darkness. Plunging death dive. Relentless: with mouths to feed and life to build...

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