Fulmar. #44

Doyden Point. Cornwall. 26 May 2018

I see you many times in crashing ocean water. Diagnostic flight so relevant of your kind worldwide. 

Tubenose representitive of Albatross and Petrel; casually wronged as 'gull' or lumped as 'seabird'. 

Kindly eye and sweet of face, deceiving the unwary with your foul smelling acrid spray. Encroachers beware.

Your gliding flight takes me to far off waters and far off shores. Southern namesake, another time, another hemisphere.

Same inaccessible sea stacks and dizzying heights. Safe from all but daring aerial predator and human rope.

Long lived and slow grown, monogamous and long paired. Ideals revered by us and shown by you. 

No food specialist you. Omnivore and catch follower. Newcomer, recent coloniser of our ancient shores.

I see you, I hear you. Around this breeding Isle and deep blue sea. Stiff winged and shallow beat; banking white then grey. Unmistakable you... 

Ghosts. #43

Carleon Cove. Poltesco NT. Cornwall. 18 May 2018

Tumbling over the ramshackle bridge towards the cold forbidding sea. Accompanied by warm fluty Blackcap song in the canopy above well worn paths. 

Early light makes cold the scene of the boulder pebble beach. Small surf run up and deposit jangling sound. Its limit reached; the inevitable retreat, dragging back its gift with a low rumble. 

Faces appear underfoot, the reincarnation of hardship and hunger. The ghosts of a time long past, now gentrified into whimsy and nostalgia. 

Rock Pipit feed amongst the serpentine lost, lifting drying bladderwrack and gorging on translucent jumping morsels. A decaying banquet table of red, maroon, and purple. 

Slow moving, heavy winged Buzzard; moribund on still air and forced to evade the Carrion Crow pairing. An indignant aerial, territorial ballet.

Echos of the past hide under ivy and scrub, whispering a way of life long since gone. From industry to idyll, from toil to contemplation. An overgrown landscape of silence: save for hidden scolding Wren and passing summer Swallow...

Drifting. #42

Loe Bar. Cornwall. 10 May 2018

Distant Rook colony exploding the treeline; lifting black fingers in unworldly movement. A darkened tragedy; all mayhem and magic, until panic subsides with the drift back to earth. 

Rustling reedbeds enlivened by thermal. Warm air meets still air amongst the wafting thin carpet. Hidden inside; the breaking of Sedge Warbler, aerial song flights of passion and angst. 

Daydream in dream lake: face down to sandline; the hum of winged insects match gentle close breathing. Relaxed tanned shoulders lift lightly in oneness. Perfect soul warmth, sun tipped in worship. 

Industrious Jackhammer far off in the mending. Hypnotic rhythm pushing steel into sand. Paraphernalia scattered amongst calmness and beauty, a temporal distortion of order and balance. 

Walking in union, soft tread in the shifting. Reflection and building, step after step. Onwards and upwards through wood glades and birdsong. Leaving roughness and interest for order and straightness. Life moving on but the promise of the day... 

Leas. #41

Church Cove NT. Gunwalloe. Cornwall. 02 May 2018

'Admiral's' tale of a sand covered chapel; a days relinquished pay and labour freely given. Three thousand serving, protect the lichen, all hearts of oak and strong of arm. 

Beyond shore birds and surf birds all wetting the shingle, the high line above tide line show cold crumbling faces. The colony burrows awaiting their masters; but weak flying Sand Martin are still on the wing. 

Boot and shoe hop boulders in sea streams, whilst reedbeds and recreation flank the scene. Wet feet and warm hearts follow the strandline, sea beet and salad days; to live for this time. 

Radiant warmth in sheltered sunshine, lounging in hollows away from the bite. Couples on beach towels relax in retirement, a lifelong journey hard fought and hard won. 

Resting veined pebbles still warm to the touching, reflect stolen glances and thoughts untold. Through 'clinking' Stonechat and 'fur coat' buff-tails, understanding and friendship follow 'Bluebell' to home...

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